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    Single Estate Tea from Pfunda, Rwanda

About our Tiny Tea Tent Pfunda tea

About the tiny tea tent

tiny tea tent

The Tiny Tea Tent isn't only a business, it's a life style - we travel from festival to festival each summer, offering our services within an ethos of respect for our environment. We welcome people in to the Tiny Tea Tent to shelter from sun and rain, sharing a warm welcome with a 'no need to buy' stance. Visitors see for themselves our electricity is solar generated (thank you sun), and our  hot water heated with a  very 'steam punk'  Heath Robinson style biomass fuelled heat exchanger.

When you visit the Tiny Tea Tent, you will meet people from all over the country and all over the world, united in laughter, music, song, dance, light hearts and deep debate - and of course, drinking teas from all over that same world, the most popular being our own Tiny Tea Tent tea hailing from the Pfunda Estate in Rwanda, which has been called Africa's finest tea..

Often, people bring musical instruments into the Tiny Tea Tent, and begin to make music. Others spontaneously join the festive throng, and new melodies grow from these fertile cross roads. We also play eclectic world sounds between our visiting music makers. 

Let the good times roll!

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What Our Customers Say?

I tried Tiny Tea Tents Rwandan Tea at Glastonbury and absolutely love it!Jonathan Shears
Great for hangoversCarolina Soto
My favourite moment of a festival is when I have a tea at the Tiny Tea Tent.Nigel Consiglio
Staff are lovely and the owner is super mega handsomeNoel Basualdo

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